Music: Adonis – Surely [@alfred_adonis22]

 Music: Adonis – Surely [@alfred_adonis22]

Alfred Adonis is an independent Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter, He readies a new song titled “Surely“.

While speaking on the song, he said “The song came to me as I pondered on the Divine attributes and characteristics of the Almighty God; how He is above everyone and everything in all ramifications”.


Surely, you are the greatest.

Chorus (2x): Daju – shaka
Eyin loto biju.
E tobi ju aye ohun orun.
E tun ga ju eni toga julo.
E tun gbon ju eni to gbon julo.

Chorus (2x): Surely, you, you, you are the greatest.
You are greater, greater than the greatest.
You are higher, higher than the highest.
You are better, better than the best.

Verse 1: You are wiser – You are.
You are older – You are.
You are bigger, .hm – hm.
You are bigger, bigger than the biggest.

Verse 2:
You are awesome, You are.
You are glorious, you are.
You are different, yeah.
You are different, there is none like you.

Verse 3 (2 x)
The Al – Almighty.
The All – Sufficient One.
All pow’r belongs to ____
Power belongs to You.

Chorus: Surely, you, you, you are the greatest.



Instagram: @alfred_adonis 22.

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