Music: Worth it -Marcus Brookins [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Music: Worth it -Marcus Brookins [MP3 DOWNLOAD]
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Music: Worth it -Marcus Brookins

Marcus Brookins is from Fort Worth, Tx and has always had a skillful hand in writing. Marcus knows that God has called him to write music for the masses and to make sure that they know that God truly cares and loves them.

Music: Worth it -Marcus Brookins [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Marcus doesn’t believe that there is one genre of music that’s why he chooses to write in different styles so that the message of Christ can get through barriers.

His New Single called Worth It is a testament in knowing that regardless of what we have done in our past God still has a plan for us and says that we are Worth It!

Worth it -Marcus Brookins [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

STREAM Worth it -Marcus Brookins

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