Eva Praise serves "You are good" |@official_evapraise

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Gospel singer and Natural Love crooner Eva Praise serves a brand  new single titled “YOU ARE GOOD” From the Stables of Northhill Music Entertainment. “YOU ARE GOOD” is a song given to her by the holy spirit. It is a song of appreciation and acknowledgment.Eva Praise discovered her love and passion for music during her growing days, from singing in her church choir to singing in one of the biggest


Sharing would be really nice!!!

God’s love towards man is really natural , because He doesn’t force it . The song “Natural Love” by Eva Praise is an expression of God’s love and kindness towards man. Evapraise expresses this love song with so much emotion. God’s love for us is indeed #Naturallove. http://www.godlikitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/EVA-PRAISE-NATURAL-LOVE-.mp3 DOWNLOAD AUDIO LYRICS – “Natural Love” by Eva Praise Chorus Supernatural your love for me is so natural You never give up