Wumi Gold

Gold – Atogbojule Ft. Wumi Gold

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Gold delivered another hit spiritual song titled ”Atogbojule” featuring Wumi Gold. Enjoy your day with the amazing sound. http://www.godlikitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Gold-Atogbojule-Ft-Wumi-Gold.mp3 DOWNLOAD AUDIO LYRICS Atogbojule (Dependable God) Atogbojule (Dependable God)   Kile oleshe ehah Atogbojule (There’s no impossibility in you dependable God)   Tale ojulo ehah Atogbojule (You’re bigger than all situation dependable God)   VERSE: Jesus the miracle working God Afflictions bowing down at the mention of your name   Arabataribiti